International Grocery Tour – Right Here in San Diego

What are your favorite international food stores in San Diego?  Here is what we did in one fun-filled, delicious day:

Picked up some lemon-saffron fettucine at Assenti Pasta.  I’ll freeze it, then use it later to make Lemon Pasta with Shrimp.

Purchased and immediately started devouring Sangak at Balboa International Market.  Also bought some smoky roasted peppers and fresh lemon basil.

Visited Marukai, where I bought some vegetable brushes in their home goods store, then sampled amazing tofu (House Brand) in the delightful grocery store.

Had some Swedish meatballs at Ikea after resisting the urge to remodel my kitchen with their inventive cabinets and accessories.

Browsed the fresh fish tanks, bought some Thai eggplants, baby bok choy and several noodle variations (fresh and dried) from the incomparable 99 Ranch Market. Lo Mein is on the menu this week!

I can’t wait for the next tour!Where shall we go?

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